Originally published in 2020, "lovequotesking" is one of the latest and most established quotation sites on the web. Our site was built from scratch . In the beginning, we used library books to enter famous quotations by hand. Armed with eyedrops and comfy wrist-rests at our computers, we typed, and typed, and typed! Today, you can enjoy the fruits of our labors; we are a shining example of the little engine that could.

Why Love Quotes King ?

We're dedicated to providing you the best and good quality of content. We aim to provide you best quality content in our language and also in english marathi and hindi.

Helping  out someone, in whatever way we can, is what we believe in. Even though the brand name “lovequotesking,” restricts our niche to "lovequotesking" , we’ve decided to outgrow by providing tips, tricks and help for all walks of life.

The site does not only cover "lovequotes," but also include General Life Tips, Relationships, Health, Lifestyle, Motivational Articles, Money & Work, Tech, and Travel. The list doesn’t end here, and we will try to bring in more topics as the time progresses.


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